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5 Security Features That Make ImpressCMS Really Safe

PadlockThe web is not necessarily a safe place to be and ImpressCMS takes your online security very seriously.

Like in real life where we use doors and windows to secure our home and our loved ones, these 5 security features make sure that your website powered by ImpressCMS is secure against those of ill will. keep reading ...

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Real-time collaboration with Slack

Slack LogoAfter a few days of testing and configuring some integrations, we are evaluating Slack at the moment as real-time collaboration tool. If you are interested in testing out the tool, simply make a login and ask to be added to the impresscms organisation. If you have a address, you can register with that address and you will be added automatically. Welcome to the conversation! keep reading ...


Building Bridges - What's on the Other Side?

Bridge and fog

I just returned from a vacation with my family to California, where I hoped to capture one of those beautiful photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. However, what we found was a cloud-draped bridge, with only a few glimpses of the structure. Even cloaked in clouds and mist, with the other shore invisible, the view was spectacular and we still ventured across safely.

While I was going through the photos we took, I realized how much life and this project resemble this bridge.

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Real Good Code and Code Standards

CodeA while ago, there were some emails going around between @fiammybe, @MekDrop, @eyekeeper and I about being able to test new commits against a given code standard to avoid unnecessary work later on. This is a good question and practice, as is testing the code before integrating it into a development branch leading up to a release. There are tools that facilitate both of these processes - applying code standards and testing - and most modern IDE provide ways to do these things. However, such tools are only guides, as are the standards themselves.

Code Standards Are Good

When we first adopted our coding standards, we did so for several reasons:

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Accessing the Database in ImpressCMS

DB abstractI've spent a fair amount of time unraveling the intricacies of the core of ImpressCMS and it is quite revealing. At times, I wonder - "What were they thinking?". At other times - "What was I thinking?" The latest area I've been focusing on is the database classes.

PHP 5.5 is out, and with that, the deprecation of the mysql extension, which we have used exclusively since before our first release. The 1.3 release introduced a sketchy and incomplete foundation for adding PDO support, but it hasn't been fully implemented. Until now, that is.

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