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ImpressCMS: my latest developments.

Well it’s been a few months now, and as i’ve said before, I am not much of a blog person so don’t expect these blogs to increase in frequency than they are now. But I will try and write more frquently in future, but No Promises!

So what’s happened since my last blog?

I have integrated HTML Purifier into ImpressCMS successfully, this wasn’t as straightforward as i had hoped, but then I was definitely not under any illusion that it would be straightforward. I have done a lot of messing about, changing this and that, and then scratching it and starting over.
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Thinking of improving ICMS Sanitizer.

Well it’s been a chaotic Christmas & New year for the Impress team with the clock now ticking for our first ever beta release of ImpressCMS. So far we have achieved a hell of a lot in such a short space of time with lots of ideas and opinions floating about the forum, It’s been a long while since i’ve seen and been a part of a large team of developers who actively participate in group discussions and communicate with each other regularly. This can only be a positive move forward for all concerned.

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Password Encryption using Salt Methods

Today we were discussing a new method of storing user passwords in the DB.

At the moment passwords are only md5 encrypted which in recent times is far becoming insecure. If your database is compromised and the md5 hashes are stolen this can become a serious problem if the password is only md5 encrypted.

A proposed method was to introduce a salt key into the password algorhythm, this in itself will dramatically improve the security of the stored password hashes, but this method can be improved upon even more.

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ImpressCMS 1.1 RC2 foi Liberado

O projeto ImpressCMS ( está na sua fase final de liberação definitiva. Estamos caminhando muito rápido para uma versão estável deste novo sistema de gerenciamento de conteúdo open source e acabamos de liberar o ImpressCMS 1.1 RC2 ao público. Várias melhorias foram feitas desde o lançamento da primeira versão candidata e os utilizadores estão sendo encorajados a instalar esta versão em um ambiente de teste e verificar completamente como está a sua utilização.
- Enfatizamos que esta versão não deverá ser utilizada em um site de produção.

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Getting ready to start the development back in the trunk

Great news ! ImpressCMS 1.1 RC will be release in the next few days! This is very important because we are now very close to the release of ImpressCMS 1.1 Final, the most important milestone of our project so far ! While ImpressCMS 1.0 was a clear demonstration of what we could accomplish as a young project, ImpressCMS 1.1 is unmistakably showing what a Very large and active development team can accomplish! And I’m not the one saying it, Ohloh is and qualifying our team as “one of the largest open-source teams in the world, and is in the top 2% of all project teams on Ohloh“.

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