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Merging impresscms_1.1 back in the trunk

I just merged the latest modification of the impresscms_1.1 branch into the trunk. This is the first time I actually do this without any problem! I’m so excited that I needed to share it here!

Since I’m using Ubuntu and got familiar with using SVN from the command line many things got suprisingly simpler. Of course, a visual interface is nicer to work with but really, the command line is just the same once you understand how it work. And it is sooo muuuch faster! I keep hearing some of my friends commplaining how it took nearly hours to check out a branch using ToroiseSVN… Now the problem is probablynot TortoiseSVN but is more likely to be Windows… but that’s another story !

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O que é um RoadMap ? What is a RoadMap ?

Com o surgimento de novas tecnologias rapidamente nestes últimos anos, tornou-se necessário encontrar formas para mantermos nossos objetivos e atingir metas perante a concorrência que a cada dia se torna mais competitiva. Como consequência deste trabalho podemos encontrar várias tecnologias que estão a nossa disposição para tentar acompanhar esta evolução e porque não, tentar saber o que está vindo nos próximos dias, meses e anos. Ai surgiu o que conhecemos como RoadMap.

Mas então, para que serve um RoadMap ?

Qual a sua finalidade ?

Quando devemos usa-lo ?

Por que precisamos de um RoadMap ?

Eu espero responder todas estas perguntas e incluir outras observações pertinentes nesta página em nosso Wiki. ... dMap/pt-br

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Updates on

Oh well domain became active on the 9th so i took the time and added a splash screen until I’ll have some content to show to visitors, unfortunately priorities are changing all the time so I can’t tell the exact day when site will be open to visitors, but I’m still confident that in about a month I’ll manage to have it running.

In the mean time you can enjoy the splash screen on

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Access ImpressCMS SourceForge ressources easier

Spending much time on all ImpressCMS Network sites as well as on our SourceForge project page, I often have the need to quickly access the bugs tracker, or the features tracker, etc… Of course, I have all of them in my Delicious Bookmarks or via MrTheme’s excellent ImpressCMS Network Menu Addon for Firefox. But often (at least for me!), typing the URL in the address bar is just easier! But of course, who can memorize those SourceForge URL ? So I took the opportunity to create a few useful redirects on our domain.

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Vote for ImpressCMS as Best New Project !

I must say I was very impressed that our beloved project was nominated as Best New Project on Community Choice Awards ! 3 400 projects were nominated but only 72 made it to the final round ! And ImpressCMS is among them. Wether we win or not, really, is not very important as only the fact that we made it as finalist is a huge award for us !

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