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10 things you should NOT do in an open source project

In October of 2007, I wrote a blog post on my personal blog outlining 10 things you should NOT do in an open source project. It has been expressed that this post would be a good resource for the ImpressCMS community, so I should post it here.

I've done a little bit of clean up on this article to make it less time-specific and a little more general, but in essence, it is the same as the original work. I hope this article will prove to be useful to you as you venture forth in your exciting and wonderful journey into open source software.

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Should we put the word "freelancer" six feet under?

A blog entry in Sitepoint: ... reelancer/ ... reelancers

interesting question, I killed it myself years ago, the day I discovered a company is worth thousand € more than a name. I built a site for a congress and signed the site using a logo instead of my name. The day the congress started, I went to take some photos. The participants thought I was an employee of "Delta Zero studio", and expressed the value of my company's work.

So here it is, If i'm a person I'm insanely expensive and my nephew can do it for 50 bucks, If I'm a company my work rocks and I can get four digit bills for it.

OK, this is the game, I'll play it.


I have a dream of clean HTML and CSS

I have a dream. I have a dream of designers that won't need to delete a single line of undesired code to begin working on their own themes. I have a dream of clean HTML code and neat CSS that works like Dexter: it's unnoticed even when it kills, and it leaves no stains.

I have a dream of "barebones 1" becoming the "recommended starting point" for all designers. For I have a dream of great designers that say "I can do whatever I want starting from here", and they make Impress sites that appear on "Web Design Index by Content" and look like the Zen of the CSS Zen Garden.

Vote for me, baby, I'm your man.


How did I came in ImpressCMS...

Reading the latest posts in the forums tonight, I stumble upon this interesting thread: How did I arrive here?. I felt this is something I would feel like blog about before spending some quality time with my family.

For me, it all started in 2003. I then was IT Director in a small legal firm. They needed an Intranet where their employees could easily share information. I started to search the Web and discovered a very interesting thing called "Content Management System". WOW ! This was a revelation for me and exactly what I needed!

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Hide your coffee, I'm back for good!

It's been a long time my friends. It's been far too long. I'm posting here to officially announce my return as a contributor to the ImpressCMS project as well as answer a few questions that may, or may not be arising.

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