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What's Wrong With Us?

I was working up a Thanksgiving post to share, but then I was completely disgusted by an event that happened earlier Friday and wondered - what's wrong with us?

The day after Thanksgiving has earned the name 'Black Friday', stemming from either the 1929 US Stock Market crash, or the possible accounting reference to being profitable. Regardless of the origin of the name, the day after Thanksgiving is totally given over to shopping mayhem. What a contrast to the day of Thanksgiving, where the day is spent with family and friends and we remember and recount all the things we have.

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What about donations and other revenues ?

Talking to a few people recently, I realize that we never really spoke publicly about the financial aspects of ImpressCMS. Since money is always a sensible thing in an open source project, we wanted to do things slowly, but correctly, and with full transparency.

So to quickly answer a question posted in the forums:


I did a search but couldn't find any relevant info. So (just wondering) how are donations spend at Impress?

Well, so far, The ImpressCMS Project did not spent a dime from any income we had since the beginning). We were waiting to get things rolling to identify our best course of action as to where money could be used to get the best results for the community.

For the first 6 months of the year, we did not had much activity regarding our financea, hence why no financial report was made public. It is just lately that we have started to see some interesting activity: donations, ads revenues, Packt Publishing awards, etc... And we are still looking for sponsors to help us raise funds which would help the projet grow faster.

So, in the first week of January 2009, The ImpressCMS Project will officially be 1 year old, and a financial report will of course become mandatory. This is why on that very week, we will publish our first financial year report as well a a budget explaining how we intend to manage these ressources for the year to come. And starting then, we will publish one financial report every quarter. Transparency is very important for us and we will make all the necessary actions to reach that goal.

So, more to come in January ! And thanks to the people who manifested interest about this. If you guys do, many others are, so thanks for sharing this!


10 things you should NOT do in an open source project

In October of 2007, I wrote a blog post on my personal blog outlining 10 things you should NOT do in an open source project. It has been expressed that this post would be a good resource for the ImpressCMS community, so I should post it here.

I've done a little bit of clean up on this article to make it less time-specific and a little more general, but in essence, it is the same as the original work. I hope this article will prove to be useful to you as you venture forth in your exciting and wonderful journey into open source software.

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Should we put the word "freelancer" six feet under?

A blog entry in Sitepoint: ... reelancer/ ... reelancers

interesting question, I killed it myself years ago, the day I discovered a company is worth thousand € more than a name. I built a site for a congress and signed the site using a logo instead of my name. The day the congress started, I went to take some photos. The participants thought I was an employee of "Delta Zero studio", and expressed the value of my company's work.

So here it is, If i'm a person I'm insanely expensive and my nephew can do it for 50 bucks, If I'm a company my work rocks and I can get four digit bills for it.

OK, this is the game, I'll play it.


I have a dream of clean HTML and CSS

I have a dream. I have a dream of designers that won't need to delete a single line of undesired code to begin working on their own themes. I have a dream of clean HTML code and neat CSS that works like Dexter: it's unnoticed even when it kills, and it leaves no stains.

I have a dream of "barebones 1" becoming the "recommended starting point" for all designers. For I have a dream of great designers that say "I can do whatever I want starting from here", and they make Impress sites that appear on "Web Design Index by Content" and look like the Zen of the CSS Zen Garden.

Vote for me, baby, I'm your man.

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