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The Beginning

Today I removed myself from the XOOPS project on Sourceforge. It was not an easy task - I have been a part of the XOOPS community for 3 years and invested a lot of time posting Starting a New XOOPS Site and developing the community sites - XOOPSinfo, XOOPSwiki and XOOPSdocs. But, we have reached an impass. It is time for a new beginning - ImpressCMS is built on what XOOPS was and will be all it could have been.

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icms_debug functions

A few days ago, I added 2 small functions that I have been using for years in our own XOOPS distribution and that I found very useful. They are 2 simple functions that are easily outputting some debug information.

I know that there are some PHP debugger one can use to more efficiently debug its code, but I honestly never got any to work. So I do like many of us do and when something goes wrong, I need to add some echo here and there to see what is going on. These echo lines are not very aesthetic and they are often hard to remove if you have put many in different files…

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ImpressCMS becomes Multilingual !

When I first got involved in the XOOPS world, my first contribution was about multilanguages. I live in Montreal, Canada, a bilingual city and country. French and English languages are commonly used everyday by most people. Multiple languages are a reality for me and for a lot of people around the world ! No surprise this is what became my very first interest in XOOPS.

I took over some amazing work that was done by Horacio Salazar and other great XOOPS contributors, improved it, and released XOOPS Multilanguages. Since then, other great developers created their own multilingual hack, xLanguage, by phppp was one, and then came the Easiest Multi-Language hack by GIJOE. This was really a revolution in the “multilanguage” hacks world, because GIJOE’s work only neede 1 single line of code added in the XOOPS core.

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The Impressive Way ! A new administrative interface for ImpressCMS

For a while now, the XOOPS brazilian and mexican teams designed an awesome new administrative interface for XOOPS. It has been included in their own XOOPS distribution called XOOPS EXM. However, their cool work was never included to any XOOPS version yet.

I am very happy to announce that ImpressCMS have now included this amazing administrative look and feel in it’s code. Here is a quick peek :



Of course, it will soon be improved to suit the colors and logo of ImpressCMS. We will also continue improving the admin side of ImpressCMS iin order to add even more user-friendlyness !

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First Delphi, then XOOPS, then ImpressCMS !

During my second year of Business Management at Université du Québec à Montréal, I discovered something that changed my life forever ! Well, I met the girl who would become my wife, which of course would change my life, but this is not the subject of this post ! Seriously, I had a course called “Introduction to programming”, It was about Delphi. I went to the first and second class, then never went back. Three weeks later, I had read all the book, did all the exercises, the whole semester project and got an awesome grade ! After twenty-something years of searching, I finally found what I liked, finally found what I was good at !

This was the first love of my life.

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