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Merry Christmas To All!


Over the years, the people involved in ImpressCMS have become like family to me. That is something difficult to achieve as we are spread around the globe, speak different languages and live in different cultures and have different beliefs. Yet, we have stayed together, shared good times and bad, struggled and endured.

Wherever you are and whatever your holidays are, may they bring warmth, love, joy, peace and hope!


ImpressCMS modules on Ohloh

Ohloh LogoI have been updating the repository information for ImpressCMS modules on Ohloh these last few days. A bit of manual labor, because of the way we chose to structure the Subversion repository at it's creation, but it is quite interesting to go over all the different modules, see what's out there and see some that really deserve an update.

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Going Deeper: Preloads

learn more about ImpressCMSSince we are now focusing on publishing patches for very specific features, there are lots of opportunities to go deeper under the covers of ImpressCMS and expand, strengthen and share what makes it so great. Patches aren't just quick fixes, they have a lot of value in so many ways. 

We need to bring attention to why someone would want to use ImpressCMS instead of another sytem, like Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal or XOOPS. There is so much we have available to us, just waiting to be discovered!

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Picture This: A Profile Puzzle

PuzzleRecently, we had a new member point out that the Profile module didn't show a user's avatar unless the gravatar option was enabled. While this was quite simple to fix, once it was brought to our attention, it is an example of how tightly coupled some of our code really is.

Users are a core functionality and Gravatars are enabled as part of the core preferences - modules should be able to assume that calling a core function will return an appropriate response based on the core settings. Modules should not have to check for any dependencies of those core functions. Any module, the Profile module included, should be able to send a request to the core to retrieve a user's profile image and not care where it comes from - a default image, a gravatar, or a user-uploaded image (maybe even a Google+ profile image or Facebook profile image in the future).

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Real-time support and discussions on IRC

KiwiIRCWe are trying out an IRC channel for those discussions and questions that are best done in real-time. There is currently a Skype chat in use, but that's more suited to an internal discussion forum, as you need to request to join the group.

Have a look at our channel via the web-based KiwiIRCat ... ImpressCMS and tell us what you think we can improve. keep reading ...

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