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Accessing the Database in ImpressCMS

DB abstractI've spent a fair amount of time unraveling the intricacies of the core of ImpressCMS and it is quite revealing. At times, I wonder - "What were they thinking?". At other times - "What was I thinking?" The latest area I've been focusing on is the database classes.

PHP 5.5 is out, and with that, the deprecation of the mysql extension, which we have used exclusively since before our first release. The 1.3 release introduced a sketchy and incomplete foundation for adding PDO support, but it hasn't been fully implemented. Until now, that is.

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Preloads, A Visual Aid

PresentOur last exercise in core functionality was a deeper look at preloads, and I wanted to give you a little present to help bring it all together. So, I did it by writing a new preload just to display all the preload events as they were being triggered.

With this preload, you see debug messages throughout the page as each event triggers. Not every page triggers every event because some of them are attached to other processes, like loading HTML textareas. The code comments indicate where in the core to look for the specific events, if you're interested. There is one event (startCoreBoot) that triggers before the necessary language file loads to display a friendly debug message (that will be addressed in an upcoming patch). But, the basic information will be understood.

This preload can also serve as a template for your own preloads - just rename the file and class to match your needs, then customize the methods you wish to fire your process. Remove the other methods to keep the memory usage down and you're all set!

Happy Twelfth Night!

You can download the 'preload debug' patch from our SourceForge patch repository.


Merry Christmas To All!


Over the years, the people involved in ImpressCMS have become like family to me. That is something difficult to achieve as we are spread around the globe, speak different languages and live in different cultures and have different beliefs. Yet, we have stayed together, shared good times and bad, struggled and endured.

Wherever you are and whatever your holidays are, may they bring warmth, love, joy, peace and hope!


ImpressCMS modules on Ohloh

Ohloh LogoI have been updating the repository information for ImpressCMS modules on Ohloh these last few days. A bit of manual labor, because of the way we chose to structure the Subversion repository at it's creation, but it is quite interesting to go over all the different modules, see what's out there and see some that really deserve an update.

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Going Deeper: Preloads

learn more about ImpressCMSSince we are now focusing on publishing patches for very specific features, there are lots of opportunities to go deeper under the covers of ImpressCMS and expand, strengthen and share what makes it so great. Patches aren't just quick fixes, they have a lot of value in so many ways. 

We need to bring attention to why someone would want to use ImpressCMS instead of another sytem, like Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal or XOOPS. There is so much we have available to us, just waiting to be discovered!

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