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Join The Security Response Team

Security is our lifeAre you as concerned about security as we are?

One of our basic, most fundamental, priorities is security - we strive to do everything we can to provide you with a website you know will stand up to the various attempts at hacking, phishing and privacy invasion. Here in the US, very large and well-known companies are facing some serious fallout because of network and data breaches. We are looking for some vigilant people to help alert us to any potential vulnerabilities or exploits and to help us respond as quickly as possible. keep reading ...


Adding user avatar in User Menu block

The "classic" User Menu in left or right side is just for show links. But if you like get some candy in your theme, as show user information in a central page position or with more importance try these changes:

Edit the file /modules/system/blocks/systemblocks.php and around line 184 just add:

$block['user_avatar'] = ICMS_UPLOAD_URL . '/' . icms::$user->getVar('user_avatar'); 

You have now a new smarty var.


Then edit in your theme the file system_block_user.html (if you use a custom template set use the Control Panel). Add the new var and play with HTML and CSS.

Example: userblock.jpg


ImpressCMS feeds are now integrated in Slack

Slack Logo

The news and blog RSS feeds are now linked to slack. That means that every time a new item is posted in one of these two parts of the website, a notification will go out to the slack users of the ImpressCMS organisation.

I'm working on making our Slack chatbox the one-stop destination for all the information about ImpressCMS activity. The idea is that you get all the information you need or want by just looking at the appropriate slack channels. keep reading ...

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5 Security Features That Make ImpressCMS Really Safe

PadlockThe web is not necessarily a safe place to be and ImpressCMS takes your online security very seriously.

Like in real life where we use doors and windows to secure our home and our loved ones, these 5 security features make sure that your website powered by ImpressCMS is secure against those of ill will. keep reading ...

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Real-time collaboration with Slack

Slack LogoAfter a few days of testing and configuring some integrations, we are evaluating Slack at the moment as real-time collaboration tool. If you are interested in testing out the tool, simply make a login and ask to be added to the impresscms organisation. If you have a address, you can register with that address and you will be added automatically. Welcome to the conversation! keep reading ...

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