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Migrating the ImpressCMS Trac to Sourceforge

Following a migration period that took a bit longer than expected, ImpressCMS has returned to Sourceforge after some time on CVSDude.

During the migration, we decided to combine the two separate repositories we had on CVSDude into only one, merging both Subversion and both Trac instances. The main reason for this was to lower the amount of time needed to maintain the services. After all, time spent keeping the repositories in sync is time not spent elsewhere.


The addons projects can be identified with the Component names starting with ‘Addons’ – no rocket science in that. Components were created for Addons with a certain number of defects logged. When the need arises, new components will be created.

Currently, all open tickets that were present in the CVSDude Trac have been re-created in Sourceforge. The CVSDude ticket numbers have been added to the keywords field, with the key ‘cvsdude’. That should make it easier during the transition period, as no text in the tickets was altered, and some references to old tickets may still exist.

As there were some reshuffles done, some changes might still be needed. Module maintainers: please check if you can find your tickets easily.

User Names and User Accounts

Projects don’t have account management capabilities on Sourceforge, as the accounts are valid for the entire site, and because user accounts can be shared between multiple projects. Because of that, uses should check themselves if their account is correct in the Trac list.

Having the correct user name in the ticket is important if you want Trac to send you a mail with notifications on those tickets. Make sure your Sourceforge user name is correct in all the tickets.


As skenow already mentioned on the forums, due to the merge of the repositories, some of the Trac reports needed changing. Have a look at the reports, and let us know if you have a need.


Marcan already did a thorough explanation about the subversion move in a previous blog post. If you need more info about that, you can find it there.


The Trac repository should be good to go, with some minor issues still to be fixed. Please start using it and tell us if something doesn't work as it should. The migration should be over, now we can get on with ImpressCMS 1.3 development.

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 Re: Migrating the ImpressCMS Trac to Sourceforge
Thank you for your time and your hard work on that. As we were already talking about it yesterday you know my list of open issues.