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Lowering the Barriers

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In my last post, I presented an idea for taking ImpressCMS to the next stage of its life and introduced the principal of "Lowering the Barriers". As promised, I'm going to dive deeper into this over the next few posts, just to shed a little more light on this. First, a little video.

I don't know if people outside the USA are exposed to this product or this brand, but their new tag line is 'Best Stuff on Earth'. Most of the commercials are tongue in cheek and bring a bit of humor into blatantly marketing a product (stuff). There's some keen advise in this commercial, if you watch with a critical eye. It also points out the important difference between having the best stuff and letting people know you've got the best stuff.

Until we are crystal clear about what our best stuff is, we won't be able to properly package it or market it. Our stuff will help people solve problems - it will make them stronger, more beautiful, highly intelligient, fun to be with and wealthy. Or, maybe not. But, we might solve other problems.

'I want an easy to install and manage web platform, that I can deploy and support for 100s of customers.'

'I need to be able to easily control what content visitors see, based on their login.'

'Our organization requires content creation and editing privileges be governed by a strict set of access control lists.'

'We need to be able to schedule events and accept registrations on our website, with the ability to accept payments, too.'

What's our best stuff? What stuff are we missing?

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