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Beyond ImpressCMS 1.3 Final


Well, we're very very close to the release of ImpressCMS 1.3 RC - and then of course, ImpressCMS 1.3 Final... so what's next, while we work towards 1.4?

My thoughts are that while we are working towards the goal of 1.4 final - that we have a set of smaller releases with only a few key areas updated .. these updates would contain both Core and Module updates.

This would also give us an opportunity to update libraries etc.. and to show users and developers alike ongoing development- instead of waiting the very long period in between major releases.

By considering a combination of core and modules in each release, this will allow any developers who wish to supplement the core features with modules, and opportunity to do so. Suitable features can later be added as core features on later core releases.

The idea is that each “1.3.x” release would be on-going development - while the work on the 1.4 release is underway.

As you can see, each release includes either new module(s), or updated one(s)..  the target being that when we have reached 1.4 - our distribrution will be in 3 "Flavours":

Core Only, Core + Standard Modules Selection, Core + Modules + Extras

BTW: I'll repeat this again - this is purely some ideas from me - although some others have contributed with them (Which I thank.. and sorry if I missed your name!) If you don't agree - that's ok ... but please offer alternative ideas :)


ImpressCMS 1.3.2 Suggestions


  • Adding the "defacer" functions to symlinks #1
  • Imageset selection (and re-organisation of images, plus inclusion of crystal_clear) see: ... ic_id=4783
  • Improvements to modules admin to include "help" links throughout module
  • Inclusion of "cache cleaner" option to menu (to clean template_c, cache, and any other future caches)
  • Move most geshi plugins to the "extras" folder - so they can be installed only if needed...
  • Make "extras" folder a separate download - keeping overall download size smaller
  • Investigate module data-processing cache 


  • ImBlogging & ImTagging module .. or Impression - to provide multipage content / blogging features from installation
  • Banners Module - from Pheonyx - to replace the depreciated core feature
  • Contact Module

#1 (defacer is a module from Trabis based upon the Symlinks function. It has some very useful additional features: eg: being able to set separate meta tags and being able to change theme at different links... Trabis has stated that he had no issues with it being Incorporated into the core function.


ImpressCMS 1.3.4 Suggestions


  • Module Version Checker - checking against "official" XML for latest stable releases
  • Library Version Checker- checking against "official" XML for latest stable releases
  • Editor Version Checker- checking against "official" XML for latest stable releases
  • Theme Admin : installer area, similar to modules, also including a header file ("icms_version"). This header file would contain designer info, site, license, etc (inspired by xoopscube & suggested by Erol).
    Possible suggestion for header file: Could perhaps
    also install custom-tags as used by the theme,
  • Possible upload by admin panel of themes? (david)
  • Investigate global Installer area to replace theme, module, etc management (feature suggested by Mekdrop)- see below "Modules":


  • Tagging module  and Category-Management Module #2
  • Gallery Module - currently under development from Rodrigo
  • Menu Management Module - either a light-weight version of "Main_Menu" (Mekdrop) or using a feature of the "Sprocket"#2 module (Madfish)

#2 One suggested tagging/category system is a planned new module from Madfish : "Sprocket" - a utility for shared/reusable module components that would provide, amongst other features, centralised rights, tag, category and permalink management systems - in the form of a module. These are course features that could be moved to the core at a later date, if there were sufficient interest in their adoption.


Module/Theme/Plugin Management - suggestion for 1.34 Admin:

After seeing some recent images of the new Android Market area (see below), the design is very similar to how any combined management area could possibly look....

Android Market Navigation


Very top area - site or project logo, impress admin navigation etc


Top tabs (below logo) = themes / modules / editors / library

Left colum - replace with rss feed of new/updated modules, themes etc - and also any urgent update news

Top right of column - installed module / theme / etc

Right middle - information on selected item

Right bottom - not currently installed module/theme / whatever


Android Editors Choice


Seeing the Design of the Android Editors Choice panel, this suggested a few ideas as well... for a page which reads content powered from the Addons site, to display new downloads available-

ImpressCMS 1.3.6 Suggestions


  • Imcontrols - currently under development by Mekdrop
  • Further work on admin jquery based updates - perhaps also based on Incama's recent suggestions
  • Consolidating icms_version code (Header files used throughout the core in many places, currently needing several methods to read and manipulate)
  • Clone module option: currently possible on selected modules, this could be possible by using "clone.php" from SmartSection
  • Comment Manager improvements



  • News module (Planned development from Madfish)
  • Poll Module - either an enhanced version of the current, or a possible IPF based one
  • FAQ module (imFAQ from Rodrigo, which just requires testing)


To close....

These are a few ideas that I've discussed over several weeks with a number of users and developers alike. While I can envision that 1.4 Final will have extensive work .. perhaps including the target aim of removing a majority of core legacy code, optimising the admin area to fully be templateable and to use IPF code, and so on ... I feel that the next few smaller-step releases should be used to address areas we've missed during the extensive core updates of 1.3 - and in preparation towards 1.4... but at the same time allow us to prepare more required modules for our users.

It would be good to hear from others for any suggestions they have as well - so please post below - or on the Development Discussions forum.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/6/5 18:29  Updated: 2011/6/5 18:29
Home away from home
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From: Germany
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 Re: Beyond ImpressCMS 1.3 Final
Great Article David! I'm totally with you and your suggestions. You pointed out a lot of important thinsg and useful ideas. For now I'm hoping to get a 1.3 final soon, but a lot of your points would be great for the future of icms. For me, my sites and projects are nearly all modules available now, maybe without a forum. But maybe there will be one before releasing 1.4
Posted: 2011/6/5 18:57  Updated: 2011/6/5 18:57
Home away from home
Joined: 2008/2/12
Posts: 1493
 Re: Beyond ImpressCMS 1.3 Final
Agreed - a forum is one of the most-needed modules.. either a new one, or a fully updated iforum.

But I can see this as being a longer term module to write, so it'd take some time to work on.
Posted: 2011/6/5 21:51  Updated: 2011/6/5 21:51
Home away from home
Joined: 2007/12/4
From: /home/日本
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 Re: Beyond ImpressCMS 1.3 Final
This is a very good idea and I like to support this.

We also discuss at the moment about a better admin-theme. I think we should add this too. Because the design, idea and usability from this theme is the best design idea. (Thanks @incama !!!)
Posted: 2011/6/5 22:04  Updated: 2011/6/5 22:04
Home away from home
Joined: 2008/2/12
Posts: 1493
 Re: Beyond ImpressCMS 1.3 Final
Agree with you Rene - I mentioned this for 1.3.6 as I suspect it may take a little time to get working to everyones satisfaction .. but yes, it would be a great addition!

(Of course - it could be done sooner then I put )
Posted: 2011/6/5 22:45  Updated: 2011/6/5 22:45
Home away from home
Joined: 2008/2/12
Posts: 1493
 Re: Beyond ImpressCMS 1.3 Final
Just like to stress - these are some thoughts and ideas from me (with input from other people).

They're not official ideas, not an official roadmap, and not an official plan.

Quite likely most of this wont happen - but perhaps it may give some ideas to people more intelligent then myself.
Posted: 2011/6/6 9:43  Updated: 2011/6/6 9:43
Home away from home
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 Re: Beyond ImpressCMS 1.3 Final
Excellent post, thanks. I really hope this can happen. I especially like the plugin/addons control panel idea, that would be a huge step forward in usability.

Re. modules, need a downloads module too?
Posted: 2011/6/8 8:02  Updated: 2011/6/8 8:02
Home away from home
Joined: 2008/2/12
Posts: 1493
 Re: Beyond ImpressCMS 1.3 Final
Thank you everyone for the feedback so far - both here and direct

Remember - these are just ideas/suggestions ... not a roadmap - but if they're to develop, then obviously they need coding

Downloads: I believe Vaughan has been working on some devleopment on the SVN trunk - not sure the current status. Also another very talented developer has been looking at ways of improving WF-Download
Posted: 2011/6/21 18:11  Updated: 2011/6/21 18:11
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2007/12/4
From: Maastricht, the Netherlands
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 Re: Beyond ImpressCMS 1.3 Final
Great article David! Really loved reading it.