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ImpressCMS From 2012 to 2013 - Part 1

The end of the year is traditionally the moment where people take the time to sit down, look back on the past year and reflect on the year that’s ahead. Television was flooded with overviews of 2012 between Christmas and New Year’s eve, some more interesting than others. For us not to get lost in the onslaught, I decided to wait a bit before publishing our year in review. That should also give you some time to recover from the festivities.

This overview comes in two parts. Today is part one : Security and Languages. Monday the second part will be published.


2012 will be remembered in the following years as the year where many high-profile sites leaked unencrypted or badly hashed user passwords to hackers. Sites such as LinkedIn,, Techradar, … all had to scramble to upgrade their security in the way they deal with that sort of information.

ImpressCMS prides itself on being a secure system, so we took the opportunity this year to strengthen our password security even more. The fact that this forces your users to reset their password is acceptable to us, we’d rather ask our users to reset their password because we upgraded security instead of informing our users that they need to reset their password because of a security breach.

In 2013, security will remain a focal point. We will do this by rebuilding the architecture of the login and registration systems, and make them more easily extendable. We have the excellent 2-factor authorisation with Yubikey, but that functionality lives in a separate module, and as such replaces a part of the login system in order to work. By making the login system extensible, integration of more authentication systems will be possible, all in an easier way.

Language support

The support for multiple languages built-in in the core is also one of the things that turn heads. Keeping the different translations up-to-date required checking out the latest version of a lot of different files from the Subversion repository, changing text in PHP files, committing those changed files back into the repository… All quite technical actions that take away time from what people really want to do : get the darn translation finished. A first step to remedy that was done by moving our translations to Transifex, an online translation service that is also used by a lot of other open source projects.

In 2013, further streamlining the language support in ImpressCMS will be one to look out for. Many translations we have currently are quite old, so updating them and cleaning them up before a final release of ImpressCMS 2.0 is also on the agenda.

Forum discussions have started on what technical format to use to store the translations, and we also want to integrate the distribution of the translations into the build pipeline of the core. 

Next Time

In the second part, I'll have a look at our attendance of conferences, Design issues and some more.










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