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Real-time support and discussions on IRC

KiwiIRCWe are trying out an IRC channel for those discussions and questions that are best done in real-time. There is currently a Skype chat in use, but that's more suited to an internal discussion forum, as you need to request to join the group.

Have a look at our channel via the web-based KiwiIRCat ... ImpressCMS and tell us what you think we can improve.

The requirements I had set for myself where the following:

  • web client
  • mobile clients available
  • desktop clients are nice-to-have
  • easy to integrate
  • no registration necessary
  • no fees involved

I've been trying out different technologies such as XMPP (the jabber protocol, used by Google Talk), webchat and others, and in the end, IRC seems to be the most viable solution for us at this moment. There are loads of IRC clients out there (Thunderbird, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, ...)

There are some things that need to be discussed and decided at a later stage as well, such as whether or not we want to log the conversations that go on in the channel and publish them online. That's privacy sensitive, but it can be an important source of information.

This should make it easier to work together, and allow discussions and collaborations in real-time. We used BaseCamp until a few years ago, and we've been looking for a viable alternative until now. Let's make this become the new real-time hub for our community!

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