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Building Bridges - What's on the Other Side?

Bridge and fog

I just returned from a vacation with my family to California, where I hoped to capture one of those beautiful photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. However, what we found was a cloud-draped bridge, with only a few glimpses of the structure. Even cloaked in clouds and mist, with the other shore invisible, the view was spectacular and we still ventured across safely.

While I was going through the photos we took, I realized how much life and this project resemble this bridge.

As programmers, project managers, administrators, contractors and consultants, we hope for some absolutes - specific benchmarks and milestones we can point at and say 'We have completed our tasks and our job is complete. Please reward us now."

However, life and software development doesn't seem to deliver those expectations. And, here we are, not quite sure what's ahead of us, except for a journey. 

But, just like the view above, while we cannot see the final destination, we can see what comes next. In our case, the next phases of the 2.0 development cycle are the integration of private messaging improvements, updated WYSIWYG editors and a default theme that is responsive to various devices. We also have a site merger coming up for our primary domains to make it easier for you to find answers to your questions - how do I start? where do I get new themes? which modules wil provide the functionality I need? how can I help?

What adventures would you like to have together? Where does our bridge lead?

Here's my other post with a bridge: Lowering Barriers

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Posted: 2014/7/13 20:37  Updated: 2014/7/13 20:37
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 Re: Building Bridges - What's on the Other Side?
Nice analogy With most of my available time dedicated to the unification project on the websites, I'm still interested to see the developments that go on for 2.0.

As with everything, the future is flexible and changes constantly. Things come up, people have new insights or ideas, and in the end, whatever you were planning to do is as far from reality as you can get

I believe one of the ways to fight that is to have some stronger efforts in regular (weekly) communication to let people know what is happening, what is planned, and where they can participate.
Posted: 2014/7/17 1:27  Updated: 2014/7/17 1:27
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 Re: Building Bridges - What's on the Other Side?
I definitely agree about upping the communication again - and I'll commit to posting more frequently.

There have been some good exchanges over emails about the site unification that I think would be of interest to people, too. Not the specific details of content and such, but the choices over page design, the use of banners and sliders, branding and focus. Perhaps you or @sato-san or @lotus could share some of those thoughts and updates as you go along.