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Re: Import and update user details with csv
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2007/12/4 9:00
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Yes, let's not forget about Little Bobbie Tables -

Posted on: 2012/5/31 3:02
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Re: Import and update user details with csv
Just can't stay away
2007/12/28 22:23
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Regarding Formulize and RegCodes...

As Steve said, it's been a while since RegCodes was in active use, and it was designed for integrating which much older versions of XOOPS, before ImpressCMS even existed. So it's definitely not an out of the box solution, but maybe it could be adapted. Here's how it would work, if it could be made to integrate with newer versions of ImpressCMS:

1. You make up a code for people to use when registering for your website. You associate that code with certain groups in your system. In a way, you can think of it as pre-approving people for group membership.

2. You distribute the code to the people you want to sign up and be members of those groups. You do this however you want, in whatever way is secure. You can send them just the code and they have to type it in when registering. Or you can send them a URL that contains the code, which will take them right to the new account creation form, as if they had typed in the code manually.

3. When their account is created, they are made a member of the groups that are associated with the code.

Codes can be set to have a limited number of uses, and also an optional expiry date, both those features are intended as a security precaution.

We added some interesting related features, such as whether codes should send a user to a specific URL after registration, whether codes let people have "one-off" accounts that they could not login with afterwards, just so you could get people to come to your site, and be associated with a group, so they could fill in some form or something like that, and you'd know what group to associate their info with, but it didn't create a "real" account, ie: they couldn't come back and login because they bypassed the account creation form altogether.

But in general, this isn't really the situation you described in your original post I don't think. Though maybe it could be adapted to fit your workflow, or the other way around. However, the big trick would be getting the core files that run the account creation process to read the codes and slot people into the right groups. The module itself was just a data management tool that let you create and edit codes. The real work was done in the modified core files that handled account creation, which is all different now.


Posted on: 2012/6/2 15:17
Technical Architect - Freeform Solutions
Formulize - ad hoc forms and reports for ImpressCMS
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