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Me grasp!
Just popping in
2012/4/13 9:06
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Hi peeps!

Now the aim is to enter more regular... I'm not in pace yet.

My latest (during some time) ideas was....

# Impresscms, everything better than Wordpress.
# Mag style open blogg. (compl. idea is to build open debate with friends - i.e like an open party friends magazine-blogg)
# My ctrl compliant FaceBook-blogg.
# Install as My RSS-homepage-blogg (my own startpage to speed surf my favourites).

Sweden will continue being a democracy with people for people in charge! (Green party active - democratic, feminist and supporting HBTQ).

Is there anything special that I should look into to grasp development?


Posted on: 3/31 13:40:53
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Re: Me grasp!
Home away from home
2007/12/4 9:00
Posts: 1201
If you want an RSS feed reader for ICMS you can try the Reader module.

Re. Wordpress it is a beautiful and highly polished system. My problem with it is that i) it is a huge target because of the user base, and yet somehow ii) they've never managed to get the quality of the code under control, at least as far as all the addons and plugins goes. You have to constantly monitor mailing lists etc for security issues and update your sites quickly. Sooner or later I'm going to miss something or be just a bit too slow updating. That makes it a non-starter for me.

It's like a beautifully painted house with termites in the walls.

Posted on: 4/7 2:35:41
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Re: Me grasp!
Home away from home
2009/3/3 4:18
From Belgium
Posts: 1952
I wouldn't say 'everything better than Wordpress', we have our focus and history, they have theirs. It's undeniable that Wordpress is way more popular than ImpressCMS, but we can all work to fix that

Popularity can be a curse as well, as Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal are experiencing now : it paints a big, red target on you

Posted on: 4/10 9:53:38
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