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German Site
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2009/11/16 14:36
From Germany
Posts: 175
Hey Guys,
long time no see...

I got an E-Mail from the hoster of the german site. They quit the contract with me.

I have the oppertunity to take over the domain, but I have no more need for it.

Maybe one of you like to have the domain and Backups?

If no one takes the domain, the german impresscms site will "die".

Best Greetings,

P.S.: tried to post it in here, but have no rights to read the topic: ... hp?topic_id=5903&forum=85

Posted on: 4/3 16:25:26
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Re: German Site
Home away from home
2009/3/3 4:18
From Belgium
Posts: 1952
Hi Chris,
Thank you for the notification. As I'm no German native, I don't go there often, but it was a good source of information some time ago. It would be a waste to let that disappear.

I already spoke with you about taking over the hosting, and re-launching the German site. Let's make that happen as soon as possible. You can expect account details in your mailbox for a new hosting today.

Strange about the forum, I have no permission either. I guess it's a right issue for that part of the forum, where nobody has access I'll sort it out asap.

Posted on: 4/5 5:43:31
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