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ImpressCMS 1.3 Beta Released

Published by Fiammybe on 2011/3/8 (3064 reads)
ImpressCMS 1.3 Beta Released

The ImpressCMS Team is very happy to present the beta release of the upcoming ImpressCMS 1.3. With this beta release, the refactoring of the core components is complete and all new features have been introduced. This refactoring has focused on improving site performance and standardization, along with a new administration theme and layout.


This Beta release marks the next phase of the release cycle that will take ImpressCMS to a stable version 1.3. Now that the refactoring is complete, we can start the necessary verifications to ensure the stability and security and compatibility of ImpressCMS 1.3. In order to do that, we need help from the community. 

Attention: This is a Beta Release!

Beta releases are solely for development and testing purposes. Those releases can be as unstable as can be. The features being introduced in the release may be incomplete, but time has come for more feedback on the design and implementation of those features. Alpha releases are not for finding bugs, that is the purpose of the Beta Release.

A Beta Release is not suitable for running a live website - use it for testing purposes only.

What Should You Expect From ImpressCMS 1.3?

  • Faster - The refactoring in the ImpressCMS 1.3 release has resulted in major improvements: less memory use, speedier page loads and less SQL queries per page, making it the fastest and nimblest ImpressCMS to date.
  • Smaller - Now that the legacy code and duplicated code is removed, you will notice that ImpressCMS is much easier on the space required on your server, leaving more room for media files!
  • Better - Also, the structure of the code has seen a major overhaul, in order to comply with the current best practices for PHP5. This makes the code easier to write, and easier to maintain.

Some Things Leading Up to ImpressCMS 1.3 Beta

How Can You Help?

The refactoring process is now over, and the core is now into feature freeze. We do need your help to test and verify this release in order to ensure its stability. Download the ImpressCMS 1.3 beta distribution, and help us verify the core functionality.

Environment Testing

Here are some of the scenarios we'll need tested:

  • Different servers - Apache, IIS
  • Fresh installations on servers running PHP 5.2
  • Fresh installations on servers running PHP 5.3 
  • All core functions - add/remove users, images, groups, setting preferences - every one of them!
  • Testing with existing modules

New Feature Testing

A new admin theme and some new functionality is being introduced to help make the admin area easier to use. Here's where we'll need your feedback:

  • The system dropdown menu is being categorized, instead of being a single long list
  • A new block for the CPanel has been created, based on the new categories
  • A new admin theme is included (reflex) that has a quick search feature

Upgrade Testing

We'll also begin finalizing the upgrade process from 1.2.x to 1.3 - you should now begin testing the upgrade of your sites and reporting issues you encounter.

  • You can participate in helping document the changes for developers
  • You can help prepare the new wiki
  • You can help create a list of the modules currently being used on live 1.2.x sites

To report or discuss anything related to this release, use the 1.3 Beta forum topic.This version is still in a rapidly-changing state - we know there are bugs and we are continuing to refactor portions of the core. This release is stable enough to install for preview and testing, which is why we are asking for your feedback on the features and performance.

For specifics about our release stages and the criteria for them, you can read this Forum post: Release Cycles


Full Packages

zip - ... p/download

tar.gz - ... z/download

Upgrade Packages

zip - ... p/download

tar.gz - ... z/download

About ImpressCMS

The goal of the ImpressCMS Project is to stimulate and promote the open source nature of the CMS in both the core and its modules and establish itself as the premiere CMS by expanding the system to meet the needs of their users now and well into the future.

ImpressCMS is -

  • Open Source
  • Open Development
  • Open Philosophy
  • Open Community

Want to get involved?

If you're looking to join the ImpressCMS project, then get on board! All you need to do is head on over and complete the ImpressCMS Team form.

We'd love to connect with you ...

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* LinkedIn group
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The ImpressCMS Project
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