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Happy Birthday ImpressCMS!

Published by Fiammybe on 2012/1/12 (3757 reads)
Happy Birthday ImpressCMS!

This week, ImpressCMS is celebrating its 4th birthday. We have achieved quite a bit during the last years, and we can be proud of that.

The Past

For example, last year, we successfully replaced the core of ImpressCMS with a modern equivalent. That made thesystem easier to develop for, faster to run, and easier to maintain. To the end-user, that means new or rewritten modules. Next to that, we have moved our entire development infrastructure towards Assembla, taking advantage of their platform to start streamline the administrative overhead.

The Future

This doesn’t mean that we can just relax, sit back and start a full year of birthday parties (although that would be nice!). We can look forward to several exciting moments during the coming year. The project websites will be totally overhauled, ImpressCMS 2.0 will be released with a major focus on ease-of-use, the development contest should make a come-back and more and more modules are becoming ImpressCMS 1.3/2.0 compatible.

With it’s 4th anniversary, ImpressCMS is one of the longer-standing open source web projects. But that doesn’t mean that we’ve ran out of ideas. There are lots of cool ideas that we plan to do or simply dream about, and we still have enough inspiration and crazy ideas in store to last several years more.

Join in

The best of those ideas came from our community, so we would be very excited if you chose to contribute to improving ImpressCMS by joining the team. Whether your talents lie in code, graphics, or any other areas … we’d like to hear from you. Contact one of the team members if you’re not certain, but don’t let the opportunity pass by and apply.

And now, I’m off having a virtual piece of cake. You can’t get more low-fat than that

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