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ImpressCMS 1.3.2 Final is released!

Published by Fiammybe on 2012/4/22 (2749 reads)
ImpressCMS 1.3.2 Final is released!
We are very happy to announce the availability of ImpressCMS 1.3.2 Final, the latest release in the next-generation ImpressCMS 1.3 branch.

This release contains a long list of bug fixes, and also introduces an easy way to safely allow the use of iFrame-embedded content such as Youtube or Vimeo videos.

Download 1.3.2 Final

Update: The available file includes a small patch in the avatar selection screen. The patch itself will be

The new release is available for download on the ImpressCMS 1.3 product page.

Most Significant Changes
* This version fixes some annoying bugs in the installation routine and the recover user password functionality that were present in the previous releases.
* The new banners module is now included with the core distribution.
* It also introduces the integration of the all-new HTMLPurifier 4.4, which contains multiple enhancements that should make it easier and safer to use ImpressCMS.
* some more legacy functions that have been deprecated
* icms.css has been marked for removal
* icms_module_header and icms_pagetitle should work, as well as the legacy xoops* Smarty variables
* there is an issue when a module has caching turned on in the preferences, the module_header was not being updated (items added with addScript and addStylesheet were not being rendered)
* the protector preload should be copied to the plugins/preload folder during installation, making protector completely active after install. (as long as plugins/preloads is writable during install)
* The iFrame support introduced with the upgrade to HTMLPurifier was verified and is tested as working for Youtube, Vimeo and movies. Site owners will need to enable the option in HTML Purifier settings and add the domains you will allow in iframes
* The 'deep searching' option works as expected now
* Module CSS caching was improved
* TinyMCE was upgraded to version 3.4.9 (latest stable) to fix a regression in the first editor where more than one is on a page
* Posting comments does no longer generate a fault
* Comment editing for anonymous users is no longer a possible option

These are the most significant changes. For full details, please have a look at the milestone information you can find on Assembla.

About ImpressCMS

The goal of the ImpressCMS Project is to stimulate and promote the open source nature of the CMS in both the core and its modules and establish itself as the premiere CMS by expanding the system to meet the needs of their users now and well into the future.

ImpressCMS is -

Open Source
Open Development
Open Philosophy
Open Community

Want to get involved?

If you're looking to join the ImpressCMS project, then get on board! All you need to do is head on over and complete the ImpressCMS Team form. We are looking for a lead developer and release manager for both branches.

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The ImpressCMS Project
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/4/22 23:26  Updated: 2012/4/22 23:26
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From: Bulgaria
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 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.2 Final is released!
Thanks for the hard work... which language files are changed ?
Posted: 2012/4/23 2:10  Updated: 2012/4/23 2:12
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 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.2 Final is released!
Between 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 the only language files I see changed are htdocs/language/english/databaseupdater.php
htdocs/plugins/sourceeditors/codemirror/language/english.php (I'm not sure if we changed this, or the external library changed)
Posted: 2012/4/23 11:10  Updated: 2012/4/23 11:10
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 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.2 Final is released!
Thanks for the hard work. There are some interesting changes.
Posted: 2012/4/23 12:42  Updated: 2012/4/23 12:42
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From: Bulgaria
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 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.2 Final is released!
Thanks, need only core language files changes for Transifex. Will update them later today.

Everyone willing to update they're language files to the latest is welcome to join, project is created to make my work easier and have nothing related with ImpressCMS, count it as unofficial.

For ICMS core (without my "favorite" protector)
For ICMS 3rd party modules (nothing is there so far, bcz I don't know what else works with ICMS except McDonald modules)
Posted: 2012/4/23 13:32  Updated: 2012/4/23 13:32
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From: Belgium
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 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.2 Final is released!
hi ep98,

great initiative. I didn't know about transifex. Seems like an interesting service.

One of my plans for the 2.0 release was to make translations easier for the translators. No more text-file editing and comparing two different languages to see what lines were missing in which language. We'll have to look if transifex does what we need, but already it is a big improvement.

When it comes to modules : if you look at the "impressCMS 1.3+" category, those are all modules that should work fine with ImpressCMS 1.3 and later.
Posted: 2012/4/23 13:57  Updated: 2012/4/23 14:10
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From: Bulgaria
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 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.2 Final is released!
Yeah transifex is doing that - Winmerge & Notepad+ in one tool, just some ICMS core files needs update, currently I'm uploading existing languages from ICMS repository. Can add language maintainer from ICMS developers team as co-project administrator.

Currently not accepted files by transifex from XOOPS/ICMS/XOOSLA are:

/install/finish.php, welcome.php = not true PHP DEFINE statement
/modules/protector - not PHP DEFINE statement at all
/language/english/dhtmlarea.php (xoops editor) - Multiple PHP array
/language/english/notifications.php - white spaces between DEFINE and (
/help (if they're exist here)

Also there is feature for auto-update the original files (en-GB) from SVN repository, but there are not so much changes.

There is text (console) mode client for fetching multiple-files, but I prefer good old way before adding pseudo categories (with click and download).

Now they're tagged plus categorized [core] stands for /language, [module-name] stands for the selected module, module-name-admin is for administration part of the system module.

And about modules "should" is not "sure".... CBB/iForum should work too, but they don't, and WF-Downloads have some issues.

/language/english/notifications.php - needs corrections, I've done them - ... .zip_links (there was some white spaces, unacceptable).

Translations can be more easier with/out Transifex, by dropping down DEFINE, use J! .INI files, and 2 files per module, 1 for language/english. Also for 1.3.3 or 1.4 there should be language names changes, instead of portuguesebr to be changed to pt_BR, instead of spanish/ to es_ES, so next derivatives can go as is, eg. es_CA for Catalan and so on, Chinese have Simplified, Traditional, Mandarine and few more, Indians have a lot of different versions used. French Canadian is different then French (fr_FR).
Posted: 2012/4/24 14:56  Updated: 2012/4/24 14:56
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From: Netherlands
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 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.2 Final is released!
For FireFox users it's advised to upgrade to version 12 (latest) because there are issues reported with version 11 concerning the TinyMCE editor, see FireFox ticket 737784
Posted: 2012/7/23 22:26  Updated: 2012/7/23 22:26
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 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.2 Final is released!
Can anyone confirm that icms_module_header works in version 1.3.2 but not in

Or am I mistaken?