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ImpressCMS 1.3.3 beta 2 available

Published by Fiammybe on 2012/8/22 (2772 reads)
ImpressCMS 1.3.3 beta 2 available

ImpressCMS 1.3.3 beta 2 can now be downloaded from our new page dedicated to the Development Releases. This second beta release fixes many bugs, thanks to the ongoing efforts of the testers and our developers. It's safe to say that this version will be the best tested ImpressCMS release there is, as @skenow mentioned already some days ago.

Content of this release

Here is the rundown of the changes since the 1.3.3 beta 1 package :


  • Smarty Resizer now uses a more secure folder structure (m0nty)


  • Error on manual created new user fixed (m0nty)
  • icms_view_Printerfriendly fatal error resolved (skenow)
  • SQL error on user delete (skenow)
  • Colorbox external library integration was fixed (fiammybe)
  • typo in icms/core/DataFilter.php (m0nty)
  • Groups are now saved when editing and/or adding users (m0nty)
  • Password hashing routine fixed (m0nty)
  • Password reset for administrator fixed (m0nty)
  • Fixing an OpenID library error when no access to the *nix random device was available (skenow)
  • Saving changes to Preferences had several issues (skenow, m0nty)

Attention: This is a Beta Release!

Beta releases are solely for development and testing purposes. These releases can be unstable, but have passed initial tests by developers and testers. The features being introduced in the release may be incomplete, but time has come for more feedback on the design and implementation of those features. Alpha releases are not for finding bugs, that is the purpose of the Beta Release.

A Beta Release is not suitable for running a live website - use it for testing purposes only.


This release is based on the latest source code, so all known critical and major bugs should be gone. This release should be feature-complete, no large refactoring parts remain.

Compatibility with ImpressCMS 1.2

ImpressCMS 1.3 introduced a major reshuffling of the core source code, but a large effort has been made to keep compatibility with ImpressCMS 1.2 and its modules. The debug messages will display deprecated messages for any old code still being used and also suggest the proper resolution for them.

Updated versions of old modules have been released to take advantage of the optimizations and restructuring started in 1.3. New modules have also been introduced based solely on ImpressCMS 1.3 to provide alternatives and also fill some previous gaps in functionality.

Verifying whether modules work correctly at this stage will enable the module maintainers to fix their code. In the absence of an active module maintainer, a new one could be found or a migration path to a maintained module could be developed. The forums are the appropriate place.

Module Testing

Please test your favorite modules for compatibility, and report on the result of those tests (either working AND non working) in the appropriate forum.

Downloading this release

As mentioned at the beginning, you can find the packages for this release on our Development Packages product page.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/8/26 10:35  Updated: 2012/8/26 10:35
Home away from home
Joined: 2009/11/16
From: Germany
Posts: 175
 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.3 beta 2 available
maybe I found a bug...
all my filled description-flieds have HTML-Tags like the following example in the backend:

<!-- filtered with htmlpurifier --><!-- input filtered -->

can someone confirm?
Posted: 2012/8/26 11:00  Updated: 2012/8/26 11:04
Home away from home
Joined: 2007/12/4
From: Derbyshire/UK
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 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.3 beta 2 available
that's been fixed in the latest revisions.

it was due to fixing an old inherited bug where the Data Types were not being set when config preferences were installed/updated.

it meant that all the data was being assigned data type of TXTAREA, so they were ran through the html filter instead of their correct filters.

just remove those comments from the descriptions and then hit submit, that should correct it.

see #645
Posted: 2012/8/26 11:30  Updated: 2012/8/26 11:30
Home away from home
Joined: 2010/2/12
From: Germany
Posts: 679
 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.3 beta 2 available
So some bad news @lotus is right. I updated my system with current branch (Rev. 11970) and can see still comments like

<!-- warning! output filtered only --><!-- input filtered -->
Posted: 2012/8/31 13:53  Updated: 2012/8/31 13:53
Home away from home
Joined: 2009/3/3
From: Belgium
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 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.3 beta 2 available
Please make sure the ticket is up-to-date with this info as well. Otherwise it will be hard to keep track
Posted: 2012/8/31 14:40  Updated: 2012/8/31 14:40
Home away from home
Joined: 2010/2/12
From: Germany
Posts: 679
 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.3 beta 2 available
This was been in the ticket All solved now. Thanks to @vaughan for this..Great Job so far
Posted: 2012/9/6 19:49  Updated: 2012/9/6 19:49
Home away from home
Joined: 2007/12/4
From: Netherlands
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 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.3 beta 2 available
Downloaded ICMS 1.3.3 beta 2 and tried to install.
First I had an error regarding plugins/preloads/autologin.php which I replaced with the one from SVN.
After the page Saving your settings to the database I get a blank page with the following error:
Fatal error: Declaration of icms_db_criteria_Item::__construct() must be compatible with icms_db_criteria_Element::__construct() in ...\htdocs\icms133\libraries\icms\db\criteria\Item.php on line 119

What to do??

I use XAMPP with PHP 5.4.4
Posted: 2012/9/7 21:59  Updated: 2012/9/7 21:59
Home away from home
Joined: 2010/2/12
From: Germany
Posts: 679
 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.3 beta 2 available
This should already been solved in the trunk. Some of the issues related to php 5.4 has been addressed for 1.3.3 beta3, so I think you shouldn't run in trouble with an installation from trunk. Currently icms is optimized for php 5.3 and we might need to update some files more for php 5.4 compatibility. Check #606 and #541 for more informations.
Posted: 2012/9/8 2:33  Updated: 2012/9/8 2:33
Home away from home
Joined: 2007/12/4
Posts: 4242
 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.3 beta 2 available
The latest XAMPP must have PHP running in strict mode by default. That should only be true of a development environment, not a production environment. Look at your php.ini file and the setting for error_reporting. Remove E_STRICT, if it is part of the setting, and restart Apache.

This is not a specific issue for PHP 5.4, it is the strict standard that is the cause.