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ImpressCMS Contributors - Retrospect Part 3

Published by [CMS]Stefan on 2013/1/14 (1347 reads)

In this series of articles, we take you back to how it all started for ImpressCMS.

We do this in a series of interviews with our early contributors. This series of interviews marks the 5th anniversary of ImpressCMS.

Our next contributor's interview is with William Hall. He joined the ImpressCMS community after the split with XOOPS.

What where your goals and ambitions when you started getting involved with Impresscms?


I really wanted to see the system become more than what it was as XOOPS. I saw a lot of issues with the XOOPS system from a User Experience POV. I wanted a solution to the abuses done to the user interface over the years. I did not initially have the skill or confidence to complete such a task. I am not even sure I am qualified now, but I love to try!

Do you still use the tools?

I still develop actively for ICMS and use the system when it is appropriate.

In which direction do you see the community evolve?

At the beginning the community was ripe with activity, I literally sat on the forums all day while at work and responded to posts in the forums. Which is how I am sure I got up over 3000 posts in such a short period of time. Over time activity dropped off from some of the projects major contributors, but new people stepped up and took the reigns. This is pretty common in most projects, and in life for that matter. The community continues to surprise me! It is amazing how long some of us have been working along side one another and it is even more amazing how easy it is for new people to slide right in and take up a cause. The project itself is almost like a child with many parents, as the child grows and matures those active in its life shape it and help it grow, teaching it how to do amazing things and as a front end guy, teaching it how to dress and interact with others.

Any recommendations for the future?

The project is in an exciting time right now! As developers we have all grown our skill sets over the last several years and that is beginning to show in what is being introduced to the core. Some amazing work has already occurred on the back end and it continues to be improved while we are also completely revamping the front end of the system. An entirely new javascript architecture and API is being written using a library called backbonejs as well as many other great resources (too many to list here). On top of this much of the core templates are being rewritten and coupled with the amazing work done in both the HTML boilerplate and twitter bootstrap frameworks. ImpressCMS will become one of the first content management systems to deploy this kind of functionality natively. We will be ready for the world of tomorrow by leveraging the amazing work occurring around us today. We will abstract as much functionality as possible and use wrappers to leverage libraries. This way in the future if we want to make a change it will not mean completely refactoring the system to adapt. The system will be responsive and will leverage a new routing system for module and theme developers to deploy their own UI packages. There is so much more than this going into 2.0, I think we are all in for a treat when the time comes to start testing the next big version of ICMS!


You can follow Will via his profile at: ... hp?uid=213

Our previous interviews can be viewed at: ... egoryid=30

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