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ImpressCMS Contributors - Retrospect Part 5

Published by [CMS]Stefan on 2013/1/22 (1320 reads)

In this series of articles, we take you back to how it all started for ImpressCMS.

We do this in a series of interviews with our early contributors. This series of interviews marks the 5th anniversary of ImpressCMS.

Our next contributor's interview is with Ignacio Segura. He has been working on the web since 2004 and is very proud to be a contributor to ImpressCMS. He was a Xoops user since 2005 and happily serving customers. When serious problems arised in Xoops, he needed a future-proof solution for himself and his customers. And betting on a "Xoops reboot" seemed like a great choice. Being a multilingual system since the first version was a big plus. At the moment he works on the front end and design and is associated with a Drupal coder (Oskar Calvo) who does the back end work.

What where your goals and ambitions when you started getting involved with Impresscms?


My ambitions were actually pretty simple! Keep the project moving! I was focused on client experience and theming for the most part. If you look at my contributions, you'll see most of them are related to the theming engine, and some others on the multilingual engine. I've also been a big fan of CKeditor and I still am.

Do you still use the tools?

Not really. I was assimilated by the huge Drupal community in Spain. Drupal is overkill for small sites, but now my customers require more complex stuff.

In which direction do you see the community evolve?

I've been disconnected from the project in the last two years, so I don't really know how good is going.

Any recommendations for the future?

Just one! Be strong where all others are weak!

ImpressCMS is a small project in a highly competitive playground. It can't try to be the next Wordpress, or Drupal, or Joomla. It needs to find its own space, growing where the big players fail and trust me, no matter how big they are, they have areas where they'll always fail. The room for other systems do exist.

It should try to find something those big players don't do properly. Do this amazingly well and then promote it accordingly. Based on my knowledge on other CMSs, I think ImpressCMS should be blazingly fast, the best on security and authentication and dead easy to code for.

A real example is this: one customer asked if we could build a ticket redemption application. The user enters ticket numbers, something happens (a prize, a discount...). The key was the number of tickets: 15.000 tickets should be redeemed in a few hours. I immediately understood that this was a lot of work for the server. Using the appropiate piece of software would be the difference between a success and a dead server. ImpressCMS could fit in this scenario much better than any of the big players because it is already fast and easy to code for. By pushing further these virtues, ImpressCMS could fit in this kind of scenarios.


You can follow Ignacio via his site at:

Our previous interviews can be viewed at: ... egoryid=30

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Posted: 2013/1/23 21:29  Updated: 2013/1/23 21:29
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 Re: ImpressCMS Contributors - Retrospect Part 5
Thanks Ignacio! I still use ideas from some of your articles in my developments now, they are really appreciated.

Try to check in here from time to time. I'm sure we can get lots of inspiration from how the Drupal community (or any other community for that matter) handles things.

And who knows, one day a project might come up that is a perfect match for ImpressCMS at that time
Posted: 2013/1/27 15:04  Updated: 2013/1/27 15:04
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 Re: ImpressCMS Contributors - Retrospect Part 5
Thanks! I'm very glad my contributions are still useful.