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Release Candidate 1.3.5 is Now Available

Published by Skenow on 2013/8/22 (1566 reads)
Release Candidate 1.3.5 is Now Available

The developers have taken some time to go through the 1.3.x branch to apply some fixes to our primary version and are now releasing ImpressCMS 1.3.5 RC2. RC2, because RC1 was never released. The primary focus of this release is an update to the Smarty library, for security purposes, updates to several external libraries (jQuery, jQuery UI, Colorbox, HTML Purifier, TinyMCE and TCPDF), and updates to core modules. Since this is a release candidate, you are urged to test this as widely as possible in your environment and report any issues before the final stable release is published.

Some Highlights of the 1.3.5 Release

  • Multilanguage will continue to work properly if gzip preference is enabled in administration
  • User side block edit will work in all current browsers
  • PDF generation using TCPDF will succeed without error
  • Potential duplicate content issues reduced by removing links to 'index.php'

Though the primary focus of the development team is on the 2.0 release, now in alpha, they continue to listen to the community and publish updates to the current version. The 1.3 series of releases is intended to assist webmasters in migrating sites from the legacy architecture to the new architecture designed for speed, scalability, security and expandibility.

As we move through our own development cycles, other platforms are doing the same, impacting our paths and priorites. PHP has now release a final version of 5.5, meaning that 5.3 is no longer supported and will only receive critical security updates. All the browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera and even Internet Explorer) are responding to HTML5 capabilities. These changes are pushing us to stay ahead of the wave to stay current and also lead the way for our communities. ImpressCMS 1.3.5 and later will run on PHP 5.4.

A significant fact for ImpressCMS - it does run quite well on MariaDB, in addition to MySQL. This is something we will be watching as MySQL development has been changing course in the past year.

All the relevant changes to 1.3 have been applied to 2.0 - some were already in earlier 2.0 releases.

Download: Development Release Page

Feedback in the forum

Complete change log: Available on Assembla

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