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ImpressCMS 1.3.5 Final(ly)! New Stable Release of ImpressCMS

Published by Skenow on 2013/9/24 (2710 reads)
ImpressCMS 1.3.5 Final(ly)! New Stable Release of ImpressCMS

The ImpressCMS 1.3.5 Final release is now available to download. This release, the latest in the ImpressCMS 1.3 branch, proposes several regression and bug fixes, along with multiple updates to external libraries.

This stable release includes an update to the Smarty library, updates to several external libraries (jQuery, jQuery UI, Colorbox, HTML Purifier, TinyMCE and TCPDF), and updates to core modules. The 1.3 series of ImpressCMS is intended to assist webmasters in migrating sites from the legacy architecture to the new architecture designed for speed, scalability, security and expandibility.

General Improvements 

  • MariaDB has been verified to work with ImpressCMS as an alternative to MySQL
  • Core links pointing to 'index.php' files have been removed. This improves your link profiles for the search engines because it eliminates different URIs pointing to the same content.
  • Creating PDF content with functionality included in the core no longer generates an error

Security release of Smarty template engine added

  • A vulnerability in the Smarty template engine was patched


Layout and Editing Improvements

  • Editing blocks on the user side works in all modern versions of browsers
  • TinyMCE was updated to the latest version (3.5.8)

Language improvements

  • When compression was enabled through the administration control panel, the multilanguage tags quit functioning. This option will not break the multilanguage functionality, but you will need to enable compression on your server, instead.

We also have partnered with SiteGround as our hosting sponsor and a link has been added to the last page of the installation and to the footer message.

These are the most significant changes. For full details, please have a look at the milestone information you can find on Assembla.

Download 1.3.5 Final

The new release is available for download on the ImpressCMS 1.3 product page.

Updated Core Modules


The Profile module gives you more flexibility and control for a member-driven site. You can customize the fields for their profiles, decide visibility for each field by member groups, determine who can edit fields and create a registration process, with multiple steps and required fields. You can allow members to have their own photo, video and audio uploads, and you can let users create their own groups of friends. Members can decide which of their sections are visible to the public and which require special permission.

  • Updates to language files for better admin experience when the Main Menu block is disabled
  • Links to edit profile are on the main profile page, allowing you to disable the Main Menu
  • Ability to filter fields by registration step has been added for easier administration
  • OpenID authentication fixed
  • Profile 2.2 Milestone on Assembla 


What's a content management system without a way to create content? This core module allows you to create and manage content pages, build a structure of pages, set the visibility of pages for a menu, set the visibility of each page (draft, private, published, expired) and determine which groups of members can view, post and publsh content. Authors can also disable comments at the page level when creating their new page.

  • Ability to add a SymLink for a content post created without one
  • Incorrect links to posts that prevented commenting; comments always follow module preferences now
  • Proper rendering of pagination, based on user's permissions and the actual number of pages
  • Cloning a content post sets number of views for the new content to zero
  • Content 1.2 Milestone on Assembla

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2013/9/25 13:31  Updated: 2013/9/25 13:33
Home away from home
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From: Italy
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 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.5 Final(ly)! New Stable Release of Imp...
Very happy for this news!
Do you will release a simple update from 1.3.4 to 1.3.5?
Posted: 2013/9/25 21:46  Updated: 2013/9/25 21:46
Home away from home
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From: Belgium
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 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.5 Final(ly)! New Stable Release of Imp...
And we are also very happy that it's finally out there!

Most of the files have been changed in this release, so a separate 1.3.4-to-1.3.5 update doesn't really make sense. You should use the
standard update file this time.
Posted: 2013/9/25 22:11  Updated: 2013/9/25 22:11
Home away from home
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From: Netherlands
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 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.5 Final(ly)! New Stable Release of Imp...
Psssst, where did you get TinyMCE 3.5.9 from?

See also changelog:

684 Update 3rd Party Libraries (Rene Sato)

683 Update the TinyMCE to 3.4.9 (David Janssens)

720 Security issue in Smarty 2.6.26 (David Janssens)

###3rd Party Library versions:###
* jQuery 1.9.1
* jQuery UI 1.10.3
* jQuery Colorbox 1.3.31
* TCPDF 5.9.204
* HTMLPurifier 4.5.0
* TinyMCE 3.5.8
* Smarty 2.6.27

Posted: 2013/9/25 23:36  Updated: 2013/9/25 23:36
Home away from home
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 Re: ImpressCMS 1.3.5 Final(ly)! New Stable Release of Imp...
a typo in the release - the actual version of TinyMCE in this release is 3.5.8.

The description in the change log comes from the subject of the ticket. By the time the release was finished, there were more updates and the ticket subject line wasn't changed.