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Google Translation Error Identified - Response Needed

Published by Skenow on 2013/9/2 (6542 reads)
Google Translation Error Identified - Response Needed

A rather unfortunate error has been discovered in how Google Translate is translating "ImpressCMS" to other languages. We all know that Google Translate and all other machine translation is not 100% accurate, but it is usually quite good at recognizing names and brands. It is not the case with XOOPS and ImpressCMS.

An email has been sent the XOOPS project administrator requesting their participation in resolving this error, and they have offered their full support in this matter, including a letter of support to Google. They agree with us this is not helping ImpressCMS nor XOOPS. We have also initiated a request with Google to investigate the source of the error and to provide us with steps to resolve globally.

Individual elements can be kept from being translated on your site with a simple bit of markup:

add class="notranslate" to any HTML element to prevent that element from being translated.

For example: Email us at <span class="notranslate">sales at example dot com</span>

For more control over how your sites are translated, you can add the Google Website Translator plugin. This allows you to immediately correct any incorrect translations for all visitors to your site. However, it has little impact on other sites' translations.


Fortunately, Google indicates these types of errors do not affect search engine indexing

The automatically translated version of your web page will not be indexed by search engines.

In the meantime, if you would visit the sites in other languages, especially German, using Google Translate and translate to a variety of languages, please suggest the correct translations for "ImpressCMS" where necessary.

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