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PhpStorm 7 is now available

Published by Fiammybe on 2013/10/23 (1876 reads)
PhpStorm 7 is now available

Jetbrains just released a new major version of PHPStorm, their PHP-oriented development environment. Some of the core team have been using PHPStorm for a while now, and this is an IDE that is loaded with time-saving features and goodies. The fact that it runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux is a big plus!

Jetbrains describe the new release best on their site (after all, they wrote it) :

This release keeps up with the latest PHP & web languages trends, providing top-notch support for the latest PHP 5.5, with improved PHP syntax coloring, new refactorings, code inspections, and more features for effective back-end development.

The new features are maybe a bit too specific for some frameworks from our project's point of view, but I'm sure we'll find hidden gems none the less.


Download the newest release from the Jetbrains site HERE. Let us know what you think!

ImpressCMS Project License

If you are a contributor to ImpressCMS and you want to use PHPStorm, we have some good news. Jetbrains has been providing ImpressCMS since 2 years with a project-wide license that is available to all contributors! Just let us know that you are interested and we'll get you the license information.

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Posted: 2013/10/23 23:34  Updated: 2013/10/23 23:34
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 Re: PhpStorm 7 is now available
I like to use, but until now was not possible to have all projects in one window. It's possible with version 7 now?
Posted: 2013/10/25 13:18  Updated: 2013/10/25 13:18
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 Re: PhpStorm 7 is now available
You can combine sources from different locations, but it remains one single project. All the Jetbrains IDEs work with the 1 window = 1 project concept.

I had to change my way of organising myself as well to this concept, but because I tend to work on 1 project at a time, I had no problem adapting.

I guess it comes down to personal preference.