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Cloudflare protection

Published by Fiammybe on 2013/10/29 (2198 reads)
Cloudflare protection

We have installed Cloudflare protection on the server, which means you can encounter an intermediate page every so often when you visit the ImpressCMS websites. There is no reason to be alarmed, it is meant to work that way for the near future.

ImpressCMS under attack

Starting October 14th, we have seen a huge spike in traffic on our server. Our data use in the 10 days after that was 50 times higher than the what we normally have during an entire month. What was worrying also is that none of this traffic shows up on our analytics, so we consider this to be an attack, and not a sudden spike in interest.


Siteground support suggested we use the Cloudflare service to counter this attack. Cloudflare is a globally-present content delivery network that caches your site. It also has some extra functionalities to counter DDoS attacks like this one. This is the reason you will see a new intermediate page appear, it's one of the checks made by cloudflare. Don't be alarmed if that happens, there is nothing wrong with your browser.

Châpeau to Siteground

It is a testament to the quality of the Siteground service that we didn't really encounter slowdowns on the server during that time. It was the spike in data use that alerted us, not any problem with the server. I'm impressed.


We will be investigating the cause of the problem more, and we'll implement some extra security measures to detect this kind of attack faster and to give us more tools to combat it. The sites remain open to all, so be sure to visit the forums and discuss the project, or visit the development site and contribute.

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