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SimplyWiki 1.2.1 has gone final

Published by Skenow on 2014/3/30 (2736 reads)
SimplyWiki 1.2.1 has gone final

It has been 2 1/2 years since an update has been released for SimplyWiki, and several things have been added or improved since then. Now, all those changes have been tested and validated and a new final release is ready for you!

SimplyWiki can be used in many ways - to create your own wiki with built in rich text (WYSIWYG) editors, to maintain a simple website, and to create content for specific groups of people. It supports multiple languages (even right-to-left languages), versioning, and work flows for document creation and approvals. You can see it in action at and

What's new in SimplyWiki 1.2.1

WikiLinks to pages are based on the permissions of the viewer - if they do not have read permissions, they will not have a link and the title will appear as plain text. If the page doesn't exist, yet, and the viewer would be able to read the page, but cannot create pages, they won't have a link either. Using this feature, you can create content only viewable by specific groups of people - registered users, a special group with access to premium content, administrators.

The module's Show Page block has options for displaying the page title and the author. If the viewer does not have editing privileges, the edit button will not display.

Only editors with adminstration privileges for the page will be able to save it without creating a new revision. All other users will need to save as a new revision.

Links to wiki pages created with by enclosing the page name in square brackets will have title attributes for better viewer experience.

Download the Latest Release


If you have feedback (bug reports, feature requests, translations) - please submit them in the forums

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