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2.0.0 Alpha 4 Released

Published by Skenow on 2014/4/16 (3070 reads)
2.0.0 Alpha 4 Released

The 4th alpha release of 2.0 branch is now available and incorporates many changes introduced in the latest 1.3 release of ImpressCMS, plus some additional improvements that will only be available in 2.0 and later. The files for this release can be found on the Development Packages page.

What was brought forward from the 1.3 releases?

  • PDO support
  • External library updates
  • Security improvements

What's been added or changed in the 2.0 branch only (so far)?

  • PHP 5.4 strict compliance
  • The system module follows IPF conventions
  • IE 6.0 compliance is being removed
  • Hashtag and mention plugins are included
  • Legacy class/ and kernel/ folders have been removed

UI/UX refactor

A very significant portion of 2.0 release was to address the user interface and experience, something @MrTheme took on and made great progress towards. Previous alpha releases did include portions of this work. However, we are still early in the develop phases of 2.0 and the UI/UX work revealed there were a lot of fundamental core changes needed before we could proceed with a release solely focused on the UI.

Therefore, we have separated the UI/UX changes from this release and are developing it on another branch for later inclusion.

The files for this release can be found on the Development Packages page. 

  • Try an installation on your infrastructure (local and hosted)
  • verify that everything still functions correctly
  • check if your favorite modules still work

Let us know on the forums if you have questions or feedback on this particular release. We want to make ImpressCMS 2.0 the best release possible, so we'll need your input in order to do so.

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