ImpressCMS: Highlights from 2014
Published by Skenow on 2015/1/11

7 years ago (on 9 January 2008, to be exact) the first beta release of ImpressCMS was announced and since then we have released 26 versions of ImpressCMS - from 1.0.0 to 1.3.7! We are averaging around 4 releases a year, which is a respectable number, considering the work that goes into them. Currently, we're still supporting 2 main branches - 1.2 and 1.3 - while developing in our 2.0 branch.

Over the course of the year, we switched our hosting to Siteground, and they have been a very good partner for us. We also did a quick redesign and relaunch of the Addons site to prepare for a merging of our different properties into a single, updated site.

We had 2 related vulnerability reports we addressed this year, which has prompted us to be even more diligent in our security efforts. We have joined oCert Security Response and are working with another vendor that will provide us with security scans based on community support (watch for an upcoming announcement).

All-in-all, year 7 was a good year and we're looking ahead to an even better year in 2015!

Here are some of the top posts from 2014 -

Project News

ImpressCMS 1.3.6 Final Released 2,996 reads (31 January 2014)

Our first release of 2014, included were PHP 5.5 support and better support for PDO, and a few patches. Release 1,614 reads (26 February 2014)

This was a patch release - a few commits missed getting in the main release of 1.3.6.

2.0.0 Alpha 4 Released 1,489 reads (16 April 2014)

Another in our ongoing development for 2.0. This rolled back some changes that were added in the UI/UX layer that we hope to work back in in an upcoming release.

Security Notification CVE-2014-4036 1,095 reads (16 June 2014)

The image manager had a weakness that could be exploited if the user had elevated privileges. We decided to respond and create some new releases (1.3.7 and1.2.9)

ImpressCMS 1.3.7 and 1.2.9 Releases 1,456 reads (25 June 2014)

The official releases that patched the CVE-2011-4036, along with some minor fixes to the PDO database layer, a missing language constant, better input filtering and validation, and a new stylesheet for an adminstrative page.

ImpressCMS joins oCert Security Response 295 reads (21 November 2014)

oCert is a public effort to make the security handling of open source projects better and stronger. We are proud to be a member of this organization.

Blog Posts

Preloads, A Visual Aid 27,016 reads (5 January 2014)

A preload plugin that helps visualize the various triggers within the core

Accessing the Database in ImpressCMS 42,640 reads (16 January 2014)

A little primer on how to leverage the database object and classes in ImpressCMS - from legacy to now.

Real Good Code and Code Standards 18,338 reads (21 May 2014)

A blog and video about coding standards - knowing what they are, how to write better code, and when to break the rules.

Building Bridges - What's on the Other Side? 7,084 reads (10 July 2014)

We can't always see what's on the other side of the bridge, but we know it leads us forward.

Real-time collaboration with Slack 5,936 reads (18 July 2014)

Introducing Slack as a way to aggregate all the development activity

5 Security Features That Make ImpressCMS Really Safe 8,936 reads (1 August 2014)

Just to remind everyone the lengths we go to - and so we don't take them for granted.

Adding user avatar in User Menu Block 4,636 reads (4 September 2014)

An example of how to modify a common element to add user avatars

Join The Security Response Team 5,255 reads (7 September 2014)

An appeal for more members of the security response team

Composer Integration Experiments 4,362 reads (30 September 2014)

Starting to work on integrating Composer and discovering how it impacts our current assumptions.

Theme select: get out HTML from core and play with template file 16,526 reads (5 October 2014)

Another quick tutorial about modifying some core files and templates for better presentation layer.

Full Composer integration in ImpressCMS 19,885 reads (11 October 2014)

The experiment is coming to life and Composer can be fully integrated into ImpressCMS.