ImpressCMS and SecurifyLabs - Open Source Security Assurance
Published by Skenow on 2015/5/24

At ImpressCMS, we take pride in following good coding practices, both to produce a stable, easy-to-use CMS, and in providing the most secure environment for your websites. In this day and age, high-assurance security is something that we have to start thinking about. As a community, we’ve done our best as far as code security; now, we’re looking to advance to the next level.

We are now working with SecurifyLabs, a company that specializes in open-source assessment and remediation support approached us. Their collaborations include open-source initiatives such as Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, ElkArte and BigBlueButton. Having SecurifyLabs as our security partner will be a game changer for our entire community.

Become a sponsor

SecurifyLabs uses a unique funding approach to make high-assurance application security available for open-source projects, at no cost to the project. Instead of charging open-source communities, SecurifyLabs builds customized vulnerability scanning for each open-source installation they work with. These vulnerability scanning and deep server inspections are meant to test the server that runs ImpressCMS to ensure its security. In return they offer application security services that are increasing in value as more users support the project. Combining both server and code security provides best mitigation against cyber attacks.

I’m inviting you to become a sponsor and help make ImpressCMS become more secure for our entire community. You can fund scans of your own installation of ImpressCMS to ensure its security and integrity, or you can contribute to the community package (Package A). For more information and to purchase an ImpressCMS specific server security package, please visit

What’s In It For You?

In addition to the deep inspection assessment you get for the server hosting ImpressCMS, which ensures that the server, OS, and the supporting software are all secure, you will receive curated code findings report. But the most valuable reward is that your contribution will help us dramatically decrease the need for urgent security updates, offering you better protection and total peace of mind. You’ll also become part of the modern open-source initiative; by supporting our mission, you can help ensure that ImpressCMS stays one step ahead of hackers, leading the way for open-source projects worldwide.

What’s In It For Our Community?

SecurifyLabs offers a wide array of security services, which would be of great benefit to ImpressCMS. The more sponsors we get, the more services we can access – and the more secure our software and your server will be.

You can find more details here: