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Real Name fiammybe
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Location Belgium
Occupation ImpressCMS Team member
Interest Indie gaming, community building, Web CMS
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Member Since 2009/3/3
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ImpressCMS Blog

ImpressCMS BlogTypography in ImpressCMS Themes
(2016/3/22 18:20:00)
ImpressCMS BlogHow to get Fontawesome working in the WYSIWYG editors
(2015/11/5 21:30:00)
ImpressCMS BlogicmsBootstrap the basic theme for ImpressCMS 2.0
(2015/3/30 2:11:00)
ImpressCMS BlogUpdating the 1.3 branch
(2015/2/5 14:10:00)
ImpressCMS BlogFull Composer integration in ImpressCMS
(2014/10/12 2:20:29)
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News and Articles

News and ArticlesFixed release of ImpressCMS 1.3.9
(2016/3/3 13:50:00)
News and ArticlesImpressCMS 1.3.9
(2016/3/2 11:40:00)
News and ArticlesImpressCMS 1.3.9 Release Candidate is available
(2016/2/23 7:40:00)
News and ArticlesImpressCMS 1.3.9 RC announcement
(2016/2/9 9:20:00)
News and ArticlesPHPStorm 10 and what it means for ImpressCMS Development
(2015/11/11 7:50:00)
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Support Forums

Support ForumsRe: New Vagrant box for developing something with/for ImpressCMS just released! v0.1
(2016/4/29 10:47:22)
Support ForumsRe: accessing system data in preloads
(2016/3/29 13:55:40)
Support ForumsRe: accessing system data in preloads
(2016/3/29 8:04:09)
Support Forumsaccessing system data in preloads
(2016/3/27 23:45:06)
Support ForumsRe: Best Bare Knuckles Design For ImpressCMS --Official ImpressCMS Stuff--
(2016/3/22 13:56:59)
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