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Real Name William Hall
AIM Willmark3
YIM mrtheme
Location Dallas, TX
Occupation Sr. UI Developer Ecommerce / Fossil, Inc.
Interest jQuery, Drupal, Intuitive Design, and of course ICMS!
Extra Info Formerly Known as MrTheme
Member Since 2007/12/4
Rank Home away from home
Home away from home
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ImpressCMS Blog

ImpressCMS BlogAn Introduction to UI in ICMS2
(2013/5/2 1:40:00)
ImpressCMS BlogSkinning: When your theme is not a theme
(2013/5/1 1:00:00)
ImpressCMS BlogDiscussions on Labels: Blocker.
(2009/11/6 4:47:35)
ImpressCMS BlogLessons in jQuery: Toggle
(2009/10/29 1:40:00)
ImpressCMS BlogFrontside Edit - lets make it better.
(2009/7/12 2:50:00)
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News and Articles

News and ArticlesMr. Theme Design: November Premium Themes
(2009/11/9 19:00:00)
News and ArticlesMr. Theme Design Premium Memberships
(2009/11/1 11:00:00)
News and ArticlesHalloween Theme
(2009/10/31 18:20:00)
News and ArticlesNew Theme: DayTrip
(2009/3/18 15:40:00)
News and ArticlesNew Theme: Atomic
(2009/3/15 5:30:00)
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Support Forums

Support ForumsRe: Question about facebook social plugin
(2014/4/3 18:48:54)
Support ForumsRe: to avaoid <!-- filtered with htmlpurifier --><!-- input filtered --> in the profile database
(2014/2/6 12:24:23)
Support ForumsRe: New Modules pack
(2013/9/25 12:35:13)
Support ForumsFeature test: Calendar datepicker in 2.0
(2013/8/2 1:33:18)
Support ForumsRe: Adding Tags to files in download module
(2013/7/23 1:31:43)
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